A.I.M. will exercise no ecclesiastical, governmental or administrative control over any of its member ministries. A.I.M. provides for those member ministries wise counsel and oversight upon their request. All membership services and benefits are optional to accommodate the needs of the membership. Membership in A.I.M.is open to men and women who are Pastors who head a viable functional independent ministry. A.I.M. will not discriminate against any race, ethnic or denominational background. Since A.I.M. is not a denomination, its mission is to complement and enhance a ministry's assignment.

  1. Application Fee $50.00 (non refundable)
    1. Vision Statement
    2. Brief History of Ministry
  2. Annual Membership Fee $100.00
  3. Monthly Administrative Support (Amount Determined by Member is not meant to be a tithe.) The financial strength of A.I.M. will be the product of the commitment of its members. The finances will be used for administrative expenses and to fund group projects.
  4. Willingness to Serve on Appointed Committee